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A united movement inspiring fearlessness, by igniting passion, and revealing potential to live with purpose.


Transforming all girls into empowered women by equipping them to impact the world through our enrichment programs.


We are founded on seven core values designed to bring out the best in every girl. It is a safe place for junior high and high school girls to dream and grow into all they are created to be. The program each month has a theme based on one of our core values.

  • Sisterhood
  • Leadership
  • Academics
  • Beauty
  • Integrity
  • Personal Growth & Development
  • Philanthropy

Sisterhood: The G.E.M.S believe in uniting women and girls all around the world no matter
what age, race, or demographic with the heart, spirit, and bonds of Sisterhood. We believe
that women should look at each other as allies not enemies, teammates and not competitors.
We believe that Sisterhood promotes the uplifting and encouraging of our fellow peers.

Leadership: We feel that true leadership starts with serving those around us. The G.E.M.S
believe in living by example. As leaders, we positively transform our environment.

Philanthropy: The G.E.M.S believe in generosity and the welfare of others. We feel it is our responsibility to look out for others in need locally and globally.

Academics: The G.E.M.S have a heart to discover learning opportunities in various academic or non-academic environments.

Integrity: The G.E.M.S have the courage to do the right thing when no one is looking and the character to demonstrate integrity when others are around.

Personal Growth/Development: The G.E.M.S believe we never stop learning and never stop growing. We live with open minds and open hearts.

Beauty: The G.E.M.S believe in redefining beauty. We believe the definition of true beauty is found within. That's why we encourage transformation to happen on the inside, which then reflects and transcends beauty on the outside.